Zoom Parties Recording


Since Lockdown began most of you know we’ve been holding a whole host of Zoom parties, to keep your painting skills going you can choose from a selection of recordings to keep those painting skills up. The Zoom parties are recordings with full instruction on slightly more detailed subject matter, sometimes these will require a template especially for portraiture.

When you buy a recording this includes unlimited aftercare from Ed via email to help finish your masterpiece. Once you’ve purchased a recording Ed will email you with a link to the recording.

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ART BINGO – Kandinsky, QUEEN PARTY – Don't Stop Me Painting Now, BEACH PARTY – Munch Sunset, ZOMBIE DISCO – Van Gogh Skull, ABBA DISCO – Northern lights, INDIE DISCO – Paint a Peacock, FLEETWOOD MAC – Tango in the Night, BASQUIAT – Rave Party, BIG HAIR ROCK – Guitar Party